Quality Policy

Our quality ambitions are to be a professional supplier of loading and unloading of ships, storage of biofuels, inert materials and other goods.

This means that:

  • We shall be efficient and solution oriented towards our customers.
  • We will offer our customers knowledge and expertise as well as a high level of service.
  • We must constantly review our working methods to improve ourselves and our operations.
  • We must fulfill our own, customers and other binding requirements that affect our business.

This policy is reassessed each year after customer surveys and compilation of supporting documents have been made.

Environmental policy

Stockholms Bulkhamn AB shall work to minimize its own environmental impact as far as it is ecologically motivated, technically possible and economically reasonable.

We do this by:

  • Minimize business emissions from handling and transportation.
  • Minimize and, if possible, prevent waste from operations.
  • Choosing and developing environmentally adapted working methods, products and systems, as far as possible.
  • Increase our knowledge and our commitment to environmental issues that affect us in order to protect the environment.
  • Identify, interpret and comply with the environmental laws and other environmental requirements that affect ours.

Our environmental work must be continually improved by means of continuously revised environmental goals and action programs.

This environmental policy must be reviewed each time a new environmental study is made.

Workers health and safety policy

The working environment in our business must be such that those who work with us are not affected by bad health or are injured because of the work and that they feel comfortable and can develop both professionally and as individuals.

At our workplace, this means that:

  • Workers health and safety policy work is a natural part of everything we do.
  • Workers health and safety policy work is done in collaboration between employers, employees and safety representatives.
  • Employees and safety representatives have the right knowledge, skills, resources and powers to work for a good and safe work environment.
  • All employees receive the introduction and training they need to work safely.
  • We regularly, and in the event of changes, examine and assess our physical as well as our organizational and social work environment in order to be able to take the necessary steps to create a safe and secure workplace.
  • All incidents and accidents that occur are reported and investigated so that we can take action.
  • Work environment factors must always be taken into account in all types of purchases.
  • We must live up to the legislation in the work environment area that affects our operations.
  • We follow up our systematic healt and safety policy every year in order to improve our system.
  • Our work environment must be characterized by openness and all individuals should be treated equally and with respect.